Spring is here!

Visit us now for all your gardening needs this spring and summer! We have everything you need to beautify your garden and yard:

  • GIANT Riddle Grown Combo Hanging Baskets: Stunning combinations of flowers to adorn your porch or patio.

  • Flowering Million Bell & Petunia Hanging Baskets: Add a burst of color with these vibrant hanging baskets.

  • Ivy, Foliage, and Boston Fern Hanging Baskets: Create a lush and green atmosphere with these elegant hanging baskets.

  • A HUGE Selection of Spring and Summer Annuals and Perennials: Find the perfect plants for both sunny and shady spots in your garden.

  • Tomatoes, Peppers, Herbs & Strawberry Plants: Grow your own fresh produce and herbs right at home.

  • Elephant Ears, Bananas, Tropical Hibiscus and Other Tropical Plants: Bring a touch of the tropics to your garden with these exotic plants.

  • Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees, Shade Trees, and Shrubs: From apple trees to azaleas, we have a wide variety of trees and shrubs to choose from.

  • Potting Soils, Composts, Soil Amendments & Mulch: Ensure your plants have the best growing environment with our high-quality soil and mulch products.

  • Fertilizers, Farmacy Items & Garden Treatments: Keep your plants healthy and thriving with our selection of fertilizers and treatments.

  • Indoor Growing and Organic Gardening Supplies: Whether you’re growing indoors or prefer organic gardening, we have the supplies you need.

  • Gardening Tools & Garden Decor: Find the perfect tools and decorative items to make your garden truly shine.

Don’t miss out on making your garden the envy of the neighborhood! Visit us today for all your gardening essentials.